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Intensive, real-world, and immediately applicable online courses to help you level up in your hospitality career or business.
Acquire knowledge and skills from leading hospitality experts to accelerate your growth in today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape. Our courses prioritise industry relevance, quality, and immediate applicability to translate your next efforts into tangible results.
Develop deep insights
Accelerate transformation
Drive performance
Overcome adversity
Exploit disruption
Create competitive edge
Our courses
Intensive, real-world, and immediately applicable online courses to help you level up in your hospitality career or business.
Developing Sustainable Hotel Concepts
A practical, hands-on course for hoteliers aiming to boost their hotel’s perceived value, reach a more qualitative audience and increase direct reservations
Flexible learning
9 Sprints
Spaces limited
Instagram Marketing for Hospitality Brands
All inclusive program on how to court guests, capture their attention, and turn engagement into ROI within your Instagram channel.
Flexible learning
8 Sprints
Spaces limited
Scent Marketing Strategies for Hospitality Brands
An in-depth practical program for hoteliers aiming to stand out in an oversaturated digital culture and deliver sophisticated experience.
Flexible learning
8 Sprints
Spaces limited
Post-Pandemic Strategic Planning
Strengthen your hospitality business when it is under pressure with advanced crisis management and strategy insights.
Flexible learning
6 Sprints
Spaces limited
The perfected learning model
100+ network of expert instructors
Learn from highly vetted professional practitioners — the people who use the skills they teach in their own jobs.
Quality over quantity
Lessons and case studies delivered through 3-4 hours of high quality video and additional interactive materials, not 20-30 hours of so-so materials.
Applicable at work
Constructs and frameworks that align to today’s hospitality business challenges, with relevant, timely case studies that put insights into action.
Curriculum partners
Our proprietary content is co-created with industry leaders, not academics, ensuring workplace relevance. Each concept has a single course designed for exceptional quality, eliminating guesswork in selecting the right one.
Case-based learning
Learn by doing with experiential projects that reflect real- world professional scenarios. Develop job-ready skills along with knowledge and confidence.
Personalised feedback
Get individualised, line-by-line feedback from mentors and technical support whenever you need it. Validate exactly which skills are successfully learned and identify opportunities for improvement.
Achieve at every level
Who is it for?
We combine our customised approach to hospitality learning with handpicked experts and topics, designed to help busy, full-time hospitality professionals level up.
Hospitality leaders who want to level up
Course content like no other to help you see things differently and act strategically.
Busy, full-time hospitality professionals
Designed specifically for full-time professionals, each program is contained to a few weeks so that you don’t have to take time off.
Proactive go-getters
Our programs are for those who not only think, but also do. Get inspired and informed to make strategic decisions that result in change.
We are powered by hospitality
Our programs are built in partnership with the world’s most innovative hospitality companies and taught by industry leaders.
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Learn from the world’s best
Meet Your Instructors
Award-winning hospitality experts who teach applicable, relevant topics that will actually matter to your work and life.
More about Laura
Laura Ferrari

Regional Head of Social Media EMEA

Hyatt Hotels

More about Ana
Ana Polo

Global Luxury Brand Marketing

BLESS Hotel Madrid

More about Cristiano
Cristiano Morelli

International Luxury Marketing,

Sales & Revenue Expert

More about Sarah
Sarah Hammerschlag

PR & Communications Executive

Hotel President Wilson

More about Karthik
Karthik Priyadarshan

Cluster Manager of Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Rixos Hotels

More about Alice
Alice Alata

Digital Field Marketing Executive

Mallorca & Ibiza Hub

More about Emille
Emille Loyola-Artigas

Director of Marketing & Communications

Hilton Doha

More about Theresa
Theresa Lalonde

Director Revenue Management

Starwood Hotes

More about Fabrizio
Fabrizio di Martino

International Digital Marketing

M Citizen

More about Patricia
Patricia Fuertes

Director of Spa

Ibiza Gran Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

About the programs
Programs Content
Learning Experience
Fees & Financing
What types of people attend Kordie programs?
Our programs attract senior and mid-lever hospitality leaders from a wide range of countries, and organisations. Their shared aim is to develop their skills & capabilities and perform at a higher level.
What are the benefits of attending a Kordie program?
Each programme is different and each delivers different benefits. We aim to provide detailed information about individual benefits and outcomes for each program which you can find on each program’s page.
Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
Every student who completes their course receives a certificate of completion. Completing the course means watching all course content videos and completing the final project. You can print out the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile — and feel free to tag @Kordie when you share it.
How frequently do the online programs run?
Each online program is offered a few times per year. For precise dates please refer to the individual program.
Do I need special software or other tools?
No special software is needed. You simply need a good broadband internet connection. You will receive a compatibility test link before the program starts to ensure you can access the materials.
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