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Instagram Marketing for Hospitality Brands

All-inclusive program on how to court guests, capture their attention, and turn engagement into ROI within your Instagram channel

In collaboration with
Sarah de Saintignon
Hospitality Digital Marketing, Communication & PR expert Previously executive at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva
About the course
Social media has done wonders for the travel industry, with Instagram becoming an invaluable marketing tool. Not only has it made it easier than ever to reach travellers around the globe, but also created an exciting opportunity to reach out and connect to guests in an unobtrusive and natural way.
With its core focus on sharing visually engaging photography, Instagram is one of the ideal places for hotels and resorts to attract new guests or lure travelers back.
Especially now, when due to the pandemic, only two formats of online advertising have managed to maintain growth: social media and paid search.
So how do you leverage this massive platform to your advantage, and tell your hotel’s story effectively to attract travellers?
This online program is specifically designed for hotels and contains everything a hospitality brand needs to know about marketing on Instagram. From what makes a great post, to developing a strategy, utilising and implementing tactics, creating legal processes, and to creating great content at scale, that produces real results.
Program Details
Online Program

Start Date
Mar 17, 2023

8 weeks



Learn to combine elements of strategy, art, storytelling and content development to connect with your guests with a clear message that produces real results.
Course designed by Sarah de Saintignon — a renowned Hospitality Digital Marketing, Communications & PR expert, and executive at Hotel President Wilson, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Geneva for more than 7 years.
An interactive learning experience designed for busy hospitality professionals, management, HODs working full-time.

Instagram & Travellers in numbers


№1 tool to get news for Generation Z

71% of millennials have Instagram accounts

55% of millennials are said to book hotels based on social media, and Instagram is the favoured platform

75% of millennials post to social networks at least once per day

40% of consumers under 33 prioritise “Instagramability” when choosing a travel destination

97% of guests use social media to share pictures of their trips

Many hotel brands have adopted Instagram as a “me too” strategy to cover all their bases on popular social media, but still are not fully utilising the platform as a marketing channel.

Millions of attentive eyes are on Instagram and it is important to deliver messages that are not getting lost in the flurry of content.

Instagram Benefits for a Hospitality Business

A strong presence on Instagram efficiently facilitates reaching marketing and business goals:

Drive Direct Bookings
Today’s travellers are completely independent and very well-informed in choosing a hotel. If you interact with potential clients, they are more likely to book directly. Instagram is one of the most efficient tools to inform your followers about any deals and remind them of the benefits of direct bookings.
Ability to Reach Untapped Audiences
Instagram allows you to connect with your target audience by sending out appropriate content. People may see that you are similar to them and may be more inclined to book with your hotel.
Reveal In-Depth Insights About Your Audience
Simple but highly practical. Instagram users publish tons of content that can help you to understand their preferences and discover what they really like. You can figure it out quickly – what people are talking about, their concerns and problems,their lifestyle, location, values, personal beliefs, and many more. Also, Instagram provides essential native insights into your community and followers.
Boost Sales
Instagram is a genuine sales booster for a hotel business. The network does almost everything – raises brand awareness, generates leads, builds customer loyalty, and ultimately drives conversions. As a hotel business, you can ask for more than that from a simple social media platform.
Engage With Potential Guests Where They Spend Their Time
Instagram drives more engaged traffic than any other social channel. Comparing time on site from various social channels, Instagram beats out other platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and more.
More Businesses & Consumers Are Joining Every Day
In today’s instant-access world, guests want visual content to help them make travel decisions. Not only do they want visuals, but consumers want this content from people just like them.
Easy to Target (and Retarget) Your Audience
Instagram offers automated targeting, giving you a head start in creating an audience that might be interested in your hotel.
Build Up User-Generated Content
User-generated content is an essential part of building trust in your brand and products. Why? Because people trust each other more than businesses.
Quality Brand Building
Instagram has all of the paid advertising capabilities of Facebook. But compared to Facebook it has a major benefit - organic functionality, meaning you can build your followers organically. This allows for a very natural relationship to occur between your brand and your followers from the start as opposed to forcing the connection with paid ads.
Easy Coordination With Your Other Marketing Efforts
All of the website traffic you send from Instagram can be retargeted on other platforms as well such as Facebook, Google, etc. Cross-promoting channels and marketing efforts allow you to extend the reach of that channel and encourage existing followers to keep track of your brand on other platforms.

Right for you


Hotel digital

who are digital natives and may have experience with some components of the Instagram marketing but seek to build strong capabilities.

Titles may include

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Content Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Communication & PR Manager

hospitality marketers

who come from corporate communications or non-digital backgrounds, seeking to round-out their marketing mindset by learning the latest Instagram methods and gaining a big picture perspective.

Titles may include

  • CMO
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Sales Manager

hospitality leaders

who seek a holistic view of the latest Instagram marketing trends and strategies for building guest loyalty as a pathway to business growth.

Titles may include

  • Director
  • Owner
  • General manager
  • Head of Corporate Communications
  • (Global) Brand Manager
  • F&B Manager / Director


representatives, working with hospitality businesses and aiming to create a greater understanding of specifics of marketing a hotel brand through Instagram, and strengthen their competitive offer.

Titles may include

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Account Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Content Coordinator

Program Impact

Join the program to get a strategic view on how to harness the full potential of Instagram:
  • Develop and execute an effective marketing strategy based on clear-set goals and quantifiable results.
  • Secure a strong return on marketing investments
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, providing them with a personalized experience before, during and after their stay to promote brand loyalty
  • Humanize the corporate brand and get employees involved in the development of its personal brand
  • Understand important changes in consumer behaviour
  • Increase the amount of quality traffic arriving at your website, improving customer service, and promoting consumer loyalty
  • Earn greater relevance and authenticity with your specific target audiences
  • Increase brand recognition online
  • Use social media as a channel to attract fresh talent
  • Engage guests with interactive and user-generated content

What makes this course unique?


The only hospitality-focused Instagram marketing course

Only specialised course from a real-life, renowned practitioner with a decade of experience is hospitality social media marketing.


Self-directed learning

Bespoke activities including guided assessments and curated videos and readings – delivered in a flexible format to optimise your learning results.


Exclusive Insights

The course features exclusive industry executive interviews and case studies of some of the world’s most hospitality prominent brands, both branded and independent.


Live interactive sessions

Real-time interaction with world-leading organisational behaviour experts.

Meet your instructor


Sarah de Saintignon

Hospitality Digital Marketing, Communications & PR expert, an executive at Hotel President Wilson, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Geneva for more than 7 years

After starting out in Client Relations and Reception, Sarah quickly moved to a position as coordinator, then event manager. Subsequently, she took responsibility for the hotel’s digital marketing before taking over the entire marketing, communications and public relations department.

  • Highly professional hospitality expert with a unique combination of expertise and experience  within Hospitality Hotel Digital Marketing, Hotel Social Media Management and Communications, Luxury Hotel Marketing.
  • 12 years experience at luxury hospitality  with leadership positions successively held at Hotel President Wilson, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Geneva (part of Marriott International, Inc)
  • Specialisation areas:  communication strategy & implementation, digital campaigns, visual support, collaboration with international influencers, luxury brands, press relations.
  • A graduate of Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne,  consistently regarded as the best hospitality school in the world.

What You Will Learn


syllabusSprint 1: Introduction to Instagram
  1. Why is it crucial to be present and perform well on Instagram today

    • Let’s review some numbers
  2. Instagram: basic principles

    • Instagram algorithm, what is it ?
    • Consumer purchasing funnel on Instagram
  3. Defining your goals

    • The importance of the “Why”
    • Setting up SMART objectives
    • Know your audience like the back of your hand
    • The strength of psychographic segmentation
  4. Professional account

    • Setting up your professional account
    • Other settings
    • Verified account
  5. How to optimize your profile ?

    • Account name
    • Profile picture
    • Bio
    • Highlights
syllabusSprint 2: Defining your Instagram strategy
  1. Editorial line

    • Visual identity

      • Where to find content ?

        • Why is authenticity the key to growing an engaged community ?

          syllabusSprint 3: Content creation
          1. Posts: your hotel display

            • A harmonious feed: photo retouching & filters
            • The “must-have” tools (Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed…)
            • Lightroom Presets
            • Graphic, motion designs and video making tools (Canva, Creative Market, Promo, Vyond…)
          2. Stories: the “behind the scenes”

            • What is a story and why should you use it ?
            • How to create beautiful and engaging stories ? (design & filters, story tools…)
            • How to master stories ? (Frequency, Mentions, hashtags & sharings)
            • Repost in story (posts, stories, reels, IGTV)
            • How to generate interactions with posts and stories ? (Participative content for more interaction)
          syllabusSprint 4: Planification & Hashtags
          1. Post planification tools you MUST have to perform on Instagram

            • Facebook Business partners for Instagram
            • FB Creator Studio / Hootsuite / Later
          2. A harmonious feed with Preview apps

            • Later, Unfold
          3. What is the best time to post ?

            • Hashtags planification tools

              • How to select and find hashtags ?
              • How many hashtags ?
            syllabusSprint 5: Unlocking Instagram algorithm (how to boost your account?)
            1. How to grow your audience organically & build your community on Instagram ?

              • Influencer marketing
              • Contests
              • Collaborations with brands
              • Regularity & time spent on Instagram
              • Advertisement
            2. How to get a high engagement rate on Instagram ?

              • What are the keys to a performing post ?

                • Copy length
                • Questions
                • Values
                • Hashtags
                • Location
              • The importance of answering comments (quickly) and interact with clients

                • Time to answer comments
                • Private messages
                • Comments on other accounts
              • Advertisement

                • FB Manager vs Instagram
              • What counts the most for the algorithm ?

                • saves, shares, reposts, likes…
              syllabusSprint 6: Everything you want to know about Instagram influencers
              1. What is an Instagram influencer ?

                • Influencer marketing
                • Nano & Micro influencers
              2. What could they bring you ?

                • How to find the right influencers for your hotel ?

                  syllabusSprint 7: The power of video: the future of Instagram
                  1. Why do you absolutely need social video content ?

                    • Stories

                      • Live

                        • IGTV

                          • Reels

                            syllabusSprint 8: Instagram insights
                            1. Instagram insights tool

                              • Other tools

                                • How to measure your success on Instagram ?

                                  ADDITIONAL SELF-STUDY RESOURCES



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                                  for hotels in Instagram



                                  Sarah de Saintignon


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                                  Sarah de Saintignon


                                  Hotel Instagram

                                  Case studies & Insights book

                                  Learn How to Make Your Instagram Channel a Strategic Marketing Tool

                                  8 weeks

                                  Mar 17, 2023




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