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Scent Marketing Strategies
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In-depth practical program for hoteliers aiming to stand out and deliver sophisticated immersive experience.

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the program
Today the competitive environment of the hotel industry drives the search for new strategies and ways to differentiate itself from its competitors on deeper levels.
One of the core trends in this sphere is sensory marketing that can reach guests’ hearts and minds on a subconscious, instinctive level.
Olfactory language affects people’s emotional spheres, it is a real strategy and is no longer the exclusive playground of luxury hotels and resorts.
Today, every hotel can afford this tactic to create positive and lasting guest experiences and foster brand loyalty. It is also one of the most cost-effective interventions when it comes to enhancing the multi-sensory brand offering.
However as a tool it is still overlooked by many hospitality businesses.
This program presents an in-depth, unprecedented view of the scent marketing concept in hospitality. Moving beyond emotional notions of scent, it focuses on practical applications and how to make scent marketing an asset that can be leveraged in the hospitality business.
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6 weeks



Learn proven scent marketing strategies and review 25+ unique case studies, from the world leading hospitality brands.
Exclusively taught by Scent Company team — a globally recognized leader in Olfactory Branding with a long record of creating high-impact scent marketing projects for the most iconic hospitality names, both branded and independent.
An interactive learning experience designed for busy hospitality business owners, top-management, HODs, working full-time.

Practical Effects of Hotel Scenting

When done right, brand scenting conveys the sophisticated experience that translates directly to a bottom line



by creating a more stimulating, more memorable, more engaging and more enjoyable multisensory atmosphere.



by linking signature scents to memory and emotion.


through addition of scented products which also allows guests to recreate the experience at home, further cementing loyalty and affiliation with a hotel brand.


allowing guests to experience your brand in full, with all five of their senses.


by improving overall guests satisfaction, e.g. on TripAdvisor, Booking.com, etc.

Right for you

Who will benefit the most

This program is designed for hospitality executives and managers responsible for strategic property development, marketing and value creation.

Hospitality properties

including lifestyle & wellness

Considering to use scent marketing

  • take marketing strategy further by innovating and maintaining
  • increase guest satisfaction &
    influence guest perceptions;
  • provide total experience on-site and boost prestige;
  • generate additional revenue
    on-site and online.

Already using scent marketing to

  • understand the difference between a simple scent marketing and a complete olfactory branding project;
  • evaluate if the current project fits properly to the needs, expectations and values of the property, or if it is needed to re-evaluate it or change something;
  • enhance and strengthen their scent marketing tools and strategies.

may include:

  • hotel owners
  • general manager
  • marketing & communication director / manager
  • brand director / manager
  • strategy director/ manager
  • development manager
  • customer experience manager/representative
  • spa manager / director

External consultants

within the hotel sector

To strengthen their understanding of strategic sensory marketing tool:

  • marketing consultants,
  • hotel management companies
  • boutique scent marketing companies
  • spa management companies
  • communication agencies
  • branding agencies
  • events agencies
  • wedding agencies

Program Impact

Join the program to get an exciting strategic view
on deploying a scent strategy:
  • adapt marketing and communication strategies for the subconscious, instinctive and irrational guests behaviours;
  • use the power of scent to tell brand stories and provide the perfect experience to the guests of your hotel;
  • deliver a super-addictive scent hit fit for your guests and in doing so, increase sales and improve brand perception;
  • use scent as a tangibles, enhancer and differentiator of service;
  • give your brand a prestige boost and reassure guests of the quality of your brand;
  • deploy the fragrance in the best possible way, using the latest technology to ensure that it is evenly dispersed, subtle and consistent;
  • accentuate and amplify the aesthetic of the hotel;
  • create a network of sensory touch points to trigger a unique set of emotions in guests.

What makes this course unique?

The only hospitality-focused scent marketing course

The one and only specialised course from a real-life, renowned practitioners with more than a decade of unique experience in scent marketing within the hospitality industry.

Self-directed learning

Bespoke activities including guided assessments and curated videos and readings – delivered in a flexible format to optimise your learning results.

Exclusive Insights

The course features exclusive industry executive interviews and case studies of some of the world’s most hospitality prominent brands, both branded and independent.

Live interactive sessions

Real-time interaction with world-leading organisational behaviour experts.

Program Authors

Learn from the world’s best experts in Scent Marketing


Scent Company is a global recognised leader in the Olfactory Branding Sector.

Established more than 20 years ago by Paolo Persico, based in Italy and with a network extending all over the world, the company has gained worldwide recognition for creating bespoke signature scents for leading brands worldwide.

Their absolutely unique wealth of experience holds a long record of creating high-impact scent marketing projects for the most iconic names, both branded and independent, in hospitality and wellness industries, including:


Sensorial experiences in the hotellerie world are changing the way guests perceive their stays and their emotional connections to the holiday places. We are happy to contribute to this experience with our Olfactory Branding know how and help the new generations of hotel management worldwide offer this enchanting services

CEO of Scent Company
Paolo Persico

Learn from the world’s best experts in Scent Marketing

This program is brought to you by an internationally recognised olfactive experts team behind some of the best olfactory sceneries globally:


Paolo Persico

CEO, Managing Director


Tatiana Bettoni

Business Development Manager Italy


Valeria Panseri

Business Development Manager


Federica Noris

Key Account Sales Manager


Alice Barboni

Product Manager


Arianna Poli

Office and Commercial support


Elena Bettineschi

Marketing & Perfume Specialist


What You Will Learn


Sprint 1:
Introduction to hospitality scent marketing
  1. The history of perfumes

    • How olfactory marketing started to gain popularity amongst hospitality brands

      • Why marketing doesn’t have to be only digital to be effective

        • Sensory marketing background & sector-specifics applications.

          • Specifics of Visual, Sound, Tactile, Taste and Olfactory marketing

            • Scent marketing as the key factor in the world of hospitality

              • Using scent to deliver complete branding message

                • Ambient Scenting vs. Scend Branding

                  • Neuroscience behind scent marketing

                    Sprint 2:
                    Practical applications of hotel scenting
                    1. Tools and practices to apply scent marketing at your property to:

                      • Create a welcoming feel
                      • Establish and Enhancing a Branded Atmosphere
                      • Evoke Positive Emotions, Reduce Anxiety and Inducing Sleep
                      • Create a Sanitary Impression
                      • Promote On-Site Dining and Café Areas
                      • Influence guest perceptions
                      • Increase guest satisfaction
                      • Increase guest loyalty and repeat visits
                      • Create strong brand affiliation
                      • Offer a total experience
                    2. Case studies:

                      • Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing
                      • The Dedica Anthology Group
                      • Rome Cavalieri Hotel
                      • Ritz Carlton (Tokyo)
                      • Buddha-Bar (Monte-Carlo)
                      • The Four Seasons Hotel (Tunis)
                      • Hotel Danieli
                    Sprint 3:
                    How do hotels use scents to express different experiences and values? Neuro-marketing process and guest behaviours
                    1. Psychological Benefits of Ambient Fragrance

                      • Physiological aspects of Scent Marketing

                        • Mood Effect

                          • Right Scent for the Right Space - harmonizing scent with surroundings

                            • Using scent marketing to give your brand a prestige boost

                              • Link between the brain’s emotional centers and how we interpret smells

                                • Help your guests feel better and transforming how they see your brand

                                  Sprint 4:
                                  Generating additional incomes from sale of fragrance products in hotel shops
                                  1. Types of products and their specifics

                                    • Marketing techniques to

                                      • Using scenting collection to:

                                        • decorate your spaces
                                        • complement the professional fragrance diffusion systems
                                        • giving a gift to your guests to strengthen customer loyalty
                                      • Case studies:

                                        • Park Hyatt Milano
                                        • Forte Village (Leading Hotels of the World)
                                        • Villa d’Este Hotel
                                        • QC Terme Spas and Resort
                                      Sprint 5:
                                      Specifics of scenting in different areas of a hotel & potential pitfalls
                                      1. Specifics and practical application of olfactory scenography within the hotel:

                                        • The entrance
                                        • Bathrooms and dressing rooms
                                        • Meeting area
                                        • SPA and wellness areas
                                        • Dining areas
                                        • Guest rooms
                                      2. Potential issues to be considered:

                                        • Safety & Standards
                                        • ​​Matching the scent with the space decor.
                                        • Intensity
                                        • Consequences when scenting not done properly and how to fix this
                                        • Indicative rules and guidelines
                                      3. Case studies:

                                        • The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
                                        • Four Seasons Milano
                                        • Royal Sanremo Hotel
                                        • Riviera dei Fiori
                                        • Abercrombie & Fitch
                                      Sprint 6:
                                      Events scent marketing (incld. weddings)
                                      1. Scenting as the new essential element of event branding

                                        • Best ways of creating an inimitable and universally understandable olfactory scenery

                                          • Factors to take into account with events scenting

                                            • Practical examples of application (incl. wedding events, business meetings & conferences

                                              • Case study - wellness sector

                                                • QC Terme Christmas Cocktail Event
                                              • Case study - hotel sector

                                                • Hotel Nordis
                                                • Romania
                                              Sprint 7:
                                              Olfactory marketing & seasonality
                                              1. Olfactory notes and seasons collective imaginary

                                                • Enhancing festive atmosphere through Olfactory marketing

                                                  • Specifics of Autumn/Winter vs. Spring/ Summer seasonal scenting

                                                    • Combing a signature hotel’s scent with special occasions scenting

                                                      • Case study:

                                                        • Hotel Rome Cavalieri
                                                        • Hotel Principe di Savoia
                                                      Sprint 8:
                                                      Pros & cons of creating a signature scent vs. purchasing developed one
                                                      1. The difference between a complete olfactory branding project and a simple ambient fragrance.

                                                        • Criteria to define the suitable approach for your property.

                                                          • Key Considerations: Memory Hooks, Unique Brand Signature, Aesthetic Design, Word of Mouth, Prestige, Break Down Walls, Generate Positive Emotions, Increase Dwell Time, Drive Sales.

                                                            • Case study:

                                                              • Lario Hotels
                                                              • Tiffany Blue
                                                            Sprint 9:
                                                            The process and considerations for developing an olfactory brand
                                                            1. Developing an olfactory scent: steps & timelines

                                                              • Issues to take into consideration

                                                                • Strategic questions to ask yourself

                                                                  • What owners and management should know

                                                                    • How to define a team engaged into the process of scent branding

                                                                      • How to translate your brand statement into a scent

                                                                        • How to run tests properly

                                                                          • Case study:

                                                                            • Villa D’Este Hotel
                                                                          Sprint 10:
                                                                          Scent marketing kpis
                                                                          1. Importance of avoiding for the scent to be affected by passing fashions

                                                                            • Connecting the scent marketing the measurable, tangible metrics

                                                                              • Effect scent marketing has on a hotel’s bottom line

                                                                                • Case study:

                                                                                  • Four Seasons Hotel Dubai DIFC
                                                                                  • Apple
                                                                                  • Starbucks
                                                                                Sprint 11:
                                                                                How does luxury smell?
                                                                                1. Creating a Luxurious and Sophisticated business experience

                                                                                  • Idea of luxury in the Collective Imagination

                                                                                    • Ingredients that transport guests to opulent, sumptuous and luxurious worlds

                                                                                      • The combination of scent and space as the crucial factor

                                                                                        • Tailored ambient fragrances to the guest’s identity

                                                                                          • Budget ways of creating a luxurious guest experience

                                                                                            • Case study:

                                                                                              • Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel
                                                                                              • JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa
                                                                                              • Hotel d’Inghilterra – Collezione Starhotels
                                                                                              • Hotel de Russie
                                                                                            Sprint 12:
                                                                                            Types of smell diffusers
                                                                                            1. Olfactory architectures & ways to spread perfumes

                                                                                              • How Do Scent Diffusers Work

                                                                                                • To to integrate the fragrances in the space to be perfumed harmoniously

                                                                                                  • How to identify the most effective type of installation ( incl. in relation to any architectural constraints)

                                                                                                    • Technical issues to be considered

                                                                                                      Sprint 13:
                                                                                                      Redefining the impact of 5 senses due to covid
                                                                                                      1. New long-term trends resulted from COVID-19 pandemic

                                                                                                        • New fragrance needs: safety, cleanliness, serenity

                                                                                                          • Projecting a feeling of a safe space on a neuroscience level

                                                                                                            • Ozonation trend - a more effective and greener solution compared to chemicals

                                                                                                              Sprint 14:
                                                                                                              What’s next in hospitality scenting
                                                                                                              1. Global trends and their impact on scenting preferences (incld. Climate change, use of plastic, Covid-19 pandemic)

                                                                                                                • Importance of eco-sustainability topic to the guests

                                                                                                                  • Focus on making the formulas organic, vegan, with many ingredients of natural origin

                                                                                                                    • Emerging trends

                                                                                                                      ADDITIONAL SELF-STUDY RESOURCES




                                                                                                                      Case Studies
                                                                                                                      & Industry




                                                                                                                      A multiplier effect
                                                                                                                      to your guests




                                                                                                                      Map of scents, their combinations and impact on guests unconscious perceptions




                                                                                                                      A comprehensive guide on products ideas
                                                                                                                      & strategies
                                                                                                                      to market them

                                                                                                                      Program case studies

                                                                                                                      25 exclusive insights on top-performing scenting projects from the world’ leading hospitality brands including


                                                                                                                      Learn How to
                                                                                                                      Use the Power of Smell to

                                                                                                                      Provide the Perfect Guest Experience

                                                                                                                      6 weeks

                                                                                                                      Available on demand


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