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A practical, hands-on program for hoteliers aiming to stand out from the crowd, use resources efficiently, boost their hotel's perceived value, and build alignment.

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About the course
The decade ahead brings a number of industry-disrupting trends that are striking the hotel industry from all angles. The traditional model with rooms creating revenue is fading and whether your hotel is in the luxury, full-service, select-service, or lifestyle tier, today’s guests want—and expect—much more from each stay.
And, there is the vastness of the competition.  There are more (and bigger!) players in the space than ever, including not only traditional companies but also new lodging concepts and nontraditional market disruptors.
But with guest expectations higher than ever and previous “differentiators” now serving as the cost of entry, how can hotels continue to elevate their game?  How do independent boutique hotels with less resources (be it time, expertise, budget) stand out in the market and create unique and sustainable hotels and experiences that guests love and pursue?
The opportunity to differentiate lies beyond the basics. Hotels must focus on strategy, on purpose, people and the power of storytelling - to deliver authentic hospitality and resist the need to be “everything to everyone”. Engaging guests meaningfully is the only path to win and retain their preference.
In this intensive course we will focus on proven frameworks to create value through crafting YOUR unique hotel concept and tackle the most pressing challenges facing hospitality leaders today.
Program Details
Online Course

Start Date
Available on Demand / 6 Mar 2023

8 weeks



Learn proven strategies and review unique case studies, that show the how and why behind most successful hospitality concepts.
Taught by Magdalena Rungaldier and Kelsi Kennedy, founder and strategist at MAp -  a world-leading hospitality consultancy that elevates award-winning clients from world-renowned luxury resorts to small, independent boutique hotels around the globe.
An interactive learning experience designed for busy  hospitality business owners, top-management, HODs, working full-time.

Key learnings

Join the Hotel Concepts programs to:
  • Achieve business growth (think occupancy, revenue etc.)
  • Create a unique identity that positions your property clearly in the market and makes it stand out from the crowd
  • Inform the tangible and intangible elements of your Product, Brand, Marketing Communications and Sales
  • Provide unique and rewarding on-site experiences that are hard to replicate, be it by rival hotels of Airbnb-type platforms
  • Align your internal and external partners around a shared vision to guide the execution of their work and use resources more efficiently (be it time, money, etc.)
  • Get important insights and clarity as to what your hotel stands for and communicate that to your stakeholders
  • Better adapt to the complex and ever-changing environment and stay ahead of intensifying competition
  • Create a better future for your hotel and business, for people and planet
Hotels with strong concepts are able to demand a premium price, provide a coherent guest experience, sell and market themselves smartly, recruit talented staff and a community following.

This course is perfect for:

Hospitality (including lifestyle & wellness) business owners, top-management, HODs
Who should enroll

Independent and Boutique Hoteliers

who want to increase their hotel’s growth and competitive positioning


Aspiring Hoteliers

who want to get their hotel projects off the ground and are in need of a starting place


Small Hotel Chains

looking for strategic guidance


big hotel companies

aiming to improve their guest experience

This course can be used

to create or refine a hotel concept

for both new builds and renovations

as a benchmarking tool to validate or refine an existing hotel concept.

What are the benefits
of having a strong hotel

Gives strategic direction
For something to be a success everyone involved needs to be on the same page and working in the right direction. A hotel concept provides a clear overview of a hotel venture, with clearly defined goals and objectives required to succeed on a long-term basis. It outlines the core capabilities of the hotel and defines its hard and soft facts by focusing on the right things, as in the things that are the most likely to deliver the best performance, productivity and profit both now and in the future.
Serves as a day-to-day operational guide for you and your team
It’s easy for people to veer off-course. A hotel concept should be the go-to document for all stakeholders. It provides clear and extensive guidance and serves as the basis for consistent briefings to internal and external partners. Each and every one of your employees and partners need to understand and buy into your concept, and know what route they must take to make it a reality. This helps everyone involved to make the right decisions on a daily basis and provide the outstanding service that you (and ultimately your guests) want.
Ensures that you attract the rights guests
We never underestimate the power of people. Hotel concepts that place people at the heart, in fact, focus on what truly drives and generates sales and profits. Your hotel concept will be based on your unique vision as well as thorough research and analysis. It will clearly outline who your perfect guests are and what they want. They turn into happy guests and guess what, generate healthy profits. Happy guests are your best investment. They become your on- and offline brand ambassadors and promote you and your business for FREE!
Reduces PR and marketing costs
Concept-led hotels are inherently easier to market. Why? First, because you know exactly who your target audience is and how to reach them. And second, you have a clear and attractive storytelling hook that will emotionally connect to that audience, which you can leverage and promote.
Gives you a stronger HR brand
Making your hotel an attractive opportunity for talented staff to join an exciting and meaningful project. By making your employees love your hotel concept from the beginning, you inspire them with your hotel’s Purpose, solve their problems, empower them, and build a culture of respect and trust.
Gives you a competitive edge
What exactly makes a hotel concept creative and innovative? Above all, it’s about being unique and authentic. A great hotel concept outlines what makes your hotel truly special and clearly distinguishable. It defines the tangible USPs and the added value for guests when choosing to stay at your hotel over a competing property. A competitive edge always commands attention and gives you a talking point, not to mention a strong story. That’s why we believe in innovative and sustainable hotel concepts as they create a clear stand out in the market, attract PR and maximise marketing efforts, allowing you to maximise room rates and boost your occupancy and sales.
Ensures personal - and financial - success
You may not be able to rely on a lot of things in life, but one thing you can always count on is a clearly defined hotel concept! A unique concept that is based on your personal vision, motivation and passion ensures that your business is aligned with your values and does not only make your guests happy but yourself as well. Your passion and the outcome of thorough research and analysis set the foundation of a sustainable hotel concept. It guarantees that your hotel is not only a cool idea or a dream - but a long-term viable business concept.
Creates a better future for your business, people and planet
As you’ll soon find out, we are big fans of sustainability and weave it into the hotel concepts we create; hotel concepts for the future. And with a sustainable hotel concept, not only is it good for the world, but it’s good for business too.

Learn how to Build a Winning Hotel Concept

8 weeks
Available on Demand / 6 Mar 2023

What makes this course special?


Actionable frameworks

9 deep dive video lessons. 9 video case studies. Step-by-step techniques to put knowledge into practice.


Designed for full-time professionals

Real-world insights with 2 live Q&A sessions taught by mentors. Live Q&A, full connection, open communication, detailed elaboration of new approaches and techniques.


Condensed, intensive, real-world

Intensive course done completely online. For busy leaders who need real-life, actionable and immediately applicable insights to drive growth.


Personal workbook

To consolidate new practices with tools, infographics and exercises, and create a personal diary with tips that will always be at hand.

What You Will Learn


You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, and you shouldn’t build a hotel without one either. In this course we’ll teach you all about hotel concepts – the foundation of every hotel project: what they are, why you need them, and how to create them. We’ll also discuss trends shaping the hotel concepts of the future, with a particular focus on sustainable concepts that create better futures for people and the planet.

syllabusSprint 1: Introduction to hotel concepts
  1. First the concept, then comes the rest

    • What is a hotel concept?

      • Hotel concepts - defined
      • Characteristics of a hotel concept
      • MAp’s approach
      • The 4 Ps of a hotel concept
      • Hotel concept activation
    • Summary + Q&A

      syllabusSprint 2: Our roadMAp to hotel concept creation
      1. Hotel project development – at a high level

        • Hotel project lifecycle
        • A look at the hotel conceptualisation stage
        • Stakeholders involved in this stage
        • Re-conceptualisation for existing hotels – where to start
      2. How we craft hotel concepts

        • Starting point
        • MAp’s roadMAp: Understand, Analyse, Identify, Create
      3. Phase 1: Understand – needs, goals, inspiration, ideas, questions

        • How to get to the heart of your hotel project
        • Questions to ask yourself
      4. Summary + Q&A

        syllabusSprint 3: Continuing through the hotel concept creation roadMAp
        1. Phase 2: Analyse - a look at internal and external factors

          • Hotel
          • Guests + market
          • Competitors
          • Destination
          • Trends: a definition
          • Trends: a spotlight on sustainability
          • Conclusion
        2. Phase 3: Identify – opportunities for strategic success potential

          • Understanding and creating a SWOT analysis
          • The inclusion of trends in your SWOT analysis
          • Deriving first hotel concept inputs
        3. Summary + Q&A

          syllabusSprint 4: Creating your hotel concept - Purpose
          1. Elements: Purpose, Values, Vision, Mission

            • Why we start with Purpose

              • Purpose MApped out – what it is (and what it isn’t)
              • The power of Purpose – benefits for your hotel
            • Your Purpose

              • Getting to the heart of your WHY
              • Questions to ask yourself
              • Tips for a great Purpose statement
            • Your Values

              • What they are + Why they’re important
              • Brainstorming your Values
            • Your Vision + Your Mission

              • Summary + Q&A

                syllabusSprint 5: Creating your hotel concept - People
                1. Elements: Target Audience, Employees, Local Community, Tribe

                  • Why you must prioritise your People

                    • People + Purpose = Profit
                    • Why your hotel isn’t for everyone (everyone is a lot of people)
                  • Your Target Audience

                    • Who they are
                    • Everyone has a problem, a desire and a story
                    • What are “Buyer Personas”
                    • Defining your “Buyer Personas”
                  • Your Employees

                    • Why they’re important
                    • Key considerations
                    • Best practice examples
                  • Your Partners

                    • Your Local Community

                      • Your Tribe

                        • Summary + Q&A

                          syllabusSprint 6: Creating your hotel concept - Positioning
                          1. Your Positioning

                            • What it is
                            • If you aren’t different, then you’re in trouble
                            • Finding your unique position on the MAp
                            • Questions to ask yourself
                            • How to create a positioning statement
                          2. Your USPs

                            • What they are
                            • Why they’re important
                            • Key considerations – value, comfort + location
                            • Questions to ask yourself
                          3. Summary + Q&A

                            syllabusSprint 7: Creating your hotel concept - Plot
                            1. Elements: Plot

                              • The power of a good Plot

                                • Storytelling – why people remember stories
                                • Telling your unique + authentic story
                              • Your Plot

                                • Key considerations – Purpose, Place
                                • Identifying your keywords
                                • Identifying your storytelling hook
                                • Brainstorming your Plot
                              • Summary + Q&A

                                syllabusSprint 8: Activating your hotel concept
                                1. Continuing the journey

                                  • MAp’s approach
                                  • Why we don’t stop at the hotel concept - translating your hotel concept into hotel operations
                                  • The customer journey map
                                2. Product

                                  • Key considerations
                                  • Identifying products + services
                                  • WOW moments + highlights
                                  • Defining your product and services
                                3. Brand

                                  • Key considerations
                                  • Activating your brand
                                  • SMASH the brand
                                4. Sales

                                  • Key considerations
                                  • Building off your hotel concept
                                  • Insights into the sales channel mix
                                5. Marcom

                                  • Key considerations
                                  • Building off your hotel concept
                                  • Insights into your marcom channel mix
                                6. Summary + Q&A

                                  syllabusSprint 9: #onwards: Achieving success for your hotel concept
                                  1. Implementing your hotel concept

                                    • Bringing your stakeholders on board
                                    • The importance of being consistent
                                    • Planning your budget
                                    • Taking your hotel concept to (re-)launch + beyond
                                  2. A look back at the course

                                    • Summary
                                    • Tools to help you along the way
                                    • How to take your first step

                                  Additional Materials


                                  Course Workbook

                                  Summaries, infographics, tools


                                  Most Influential Trends

                                  and their impact on hotel concepts


                                  Successful Hotel Concepts

                                  case studies book


                                  Buyer Personas Framework

                                  and applications within hotel concepts

                                  Learn from the world’s best

                                  Course authors


                                  This program is co-created with MAp – a world-leading, multi-faceted boutique hospitality consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. MAp creates sustainable concepts, brands and strategies that elevate award-winning clients around the world, including:

                                  Since 2014, the MAp team has been putting hotels - from world-renowned luxury resorts to small, independent boutique hotels - on the global MAp. What unites their clients is their belief that they can achieve more success, and in turn, make a bigger impact in the world.

                                  As world leading experts in crafting unique and innovative concepts and brands, MAp’s mission is to get to the heart of what drives clients and create winning strategies with this in mind. MAp provides guidance and supports clients through the full life cycle of the hotel development process: from concept creation through implementation, to hotel launch and beyond. For existing hotels, MAp assists with hotel concept refinement and re-positioning for long-term, sustainable success.


                                  Meet your instructors


                                  Magdalena Rungaldier

                                  MAp Principal

                                  Vast experience in hospitality, marketing and in strategically developing brands and businesses. Passionate about people. Strong believer in moving businesses beyond profit to purpose and resilience.


                                  Kelsi Kennedy

                                  Consultant, Strategist

                                  Experienced strategist. Ability to uncover and go after opportunities for success no matter the challenges. Motivated by good books, great podcasts, and the goal of creating concepts and brands that are rooted in innovation, creativity and sustainability.

                                  The perfected learning model

                                  Powered by industry
                                  Our proprietary content is co-created with industry leaders, not academics, ensuring relevance. Each concept has a single course designed for exceptional quality, eliminating guesswork in selecting the right one.
                                  Individual feedback
                                  Individualized, line-by-line feedback on project work from mentors. Validate exactly which skills are successfully learned and identify opportunities for improvement.
                                  Expert Instructors
                                  Learn from the people who use the skills they teach in their own jobs.
                                  The help you need when you need it
                                  Reach out to our mentors 24/7 and have your questions answered quickly so you can keep learning
                                  Relevant approach to education
                                  Programs developed with a combination of best practices in best traditional hospitality education and most innovative e-learning approaches and technology.



                                  Learning goals are different for everyone. We understand this very well. For those who want to confirm their training with a certificate, we have two types of them — about listening and about passing the course (this is if you also completed the final task and received feedback from the curator).

                                  To obtain the status of a successful student of the course, you must study the material and pass the tests. And to receive a certificate of completion, you will also need to complete the final task.


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                                  Commonly Asked Questions

                                  I work full-time. Do I have time to take this course?
                                  We design programs for the busy, full-time hospitality professionals, but we also get that it can be tough to add yet another thing! One of our core features is flexibility: some students like to keep up day-to-day (expect to spend about 2-3 hours per sprint), others like to binge over a weekend.
                                  Do I have to attend all of the live sessions in real-time?
                                  You don’t! We record every live session with our professors and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience.
                                  What if I can’t start the program on a specific date?
                                  A major advantage of online learning is the flexibility it offers participants. Minor delays in participation are not a problem. Join the class activities as soon as you can as we will be happy to extend your access to the program.
                                  Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
                                  Every student who completes their course receives a certificate of completion. Completing the course means watching all course content videos and completing the final project. You can print out the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile — and feel free to tag @Kordie when you share it.
                                  I’ve signed up for a program. What happens next?
                                  You will receive an email containing your login information and all the other details on starting the programs.
                                  So there’s homework then?
                                  Not in the traditional sense. We provide a course workbook and additional self-study materials. You don’t have to go through all of them — but we hope you will, as it really expands your knowledge. You’re also not obligated to complete the final project unless you’d like to qualify for a certificate.
                                  Will my projects and test answers remain confidential?
                                  Yes! Upon submission, simply flag it as confidential, and we will not share your project beyond the Kordie team.

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