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Post-Pandemic Strategic Planning

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COVID-19 has had a profound economic and social impact on all of us in hospitality. Consumer expectations have changed and we’re all facing new ways of working and managing our properties.
However, as optimism and recovery ramp up, the crisis management practices supporting the industry needs are changing as the pandemic continues.
So what can hoteliers do to navigate current market challenges and rebuild stronger? How will COVID-19 continue to evolve guest purchasing behaviours and lodging preferences next year? How to drive demand, generate loyalty, or increase operational efficiency? How to create a tangible plan to lead your hospitality businesses through current and future challenges?
This program focuses on specific actionable ways for hospitality professionals to build and execute recovery plans across four key functional areas – sales, marketing, revenue management, and operations. We will also be looking some of the most critical elements to a hoteliers' ability to manage the present and grow in the future, and will ensure properties are poised to rebuild stronger than ever.
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Online Program

Start Date
May 23, 2023

6 weeks



Build a responsive and resilient strategy that can navigate uncertainty, overcome adversity and create competitive advantage.
Exclusively taught by Chicago Marketing Consultancy team — a recognised leader in Strategic Marketing with a long record of building efficient cross-functional strategies between hotels’ Operations, Sales, and Revenue Management.
Insights, guidance, and forward-looking business intelligence data – and so much more – to help guide your path out of the crisis.

Program Impact

Turbulent times call for resilient hospitality leaders. Master the strategic tools to identify, create and retain sources of resilience and competitive advantage.

You will learn to:


Implement a new range of strategy tools and frameworks that have a real impact.


Take a critical view of every aspect of sales, marketing and revenue strategies.


Prepare for the next crisis and the opportunities to come.


Lead your team confidently in an ambiguous and uncertain future, and get a new perspective on the crisis.


Enhance your skills to succeed in a completely new paradigm.

You will gain insight and access to:

  • Frameworks and tools to analyse situations and decisions
  • Principles and best practices in crisis response tactics and communications
  • Insights from guest speakers including high level industry leaders and top talent practitioners
  • Further resources to help develop operational resilience

Right for you

This program is right for you if:

  • you hold a key leadership position where future-proofing decisions are part of your day-to-day role
  • you are a senior executive or functional manager responsible for strategy of a hospitality business, leading it through crisis, recovery or preparing it for an unpredictable future
  • you are part of above-property hospitality revenue and marketing team
  • you are an on-property operations or sales executive
  • you are an external consultants and analysts advising on issues of strategy, crisis management, sales & marketing

Titles may include:

  • Hotel Owner
  • Hotel General Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Director
  • Vice President Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Revenue Management
  • Director of eCommerce & Digital Strategy
  • Strategy & Analysis Director
  • Hospitality Consultant

What makes this course unique?

The only hospitality-focused crisis management course

The only specialised course from a real-life, renowned practitioners with a decade of diverse experience is cross-functional hospitality management.

Practical and intense

Learn across 6 weeks through a blend of live online and self-directed content - delivered thought a mix of curated videos and activities – to optimise your learning results.

World-class experts

The program is taught by leaders in their field, giving you a front-row seat to the most innovative ideas in hospitality business. Featuring exclusive industry executive interviews and case studies.

Live interactive sessions

Live Q&A, full connection, open communication, detailed elaboration of approaches and techniques, and your personal cases.

Program Authors

Access some of the world’s leading thinkers whose cutting-edge knowledge in the hospitality business is grounded in real-world practicality.

Chicago Marketing Consultancy (CMC) is a leading strategic hospitality marketing consultancy. Based in the US and working with clients around the world, it is a team of dedicated professionals with hands-on experience in achieving short-term business goals, while setting business up for long-term success.

With more than 30 years of hospitality leadership experience CMS is focused on supporting a variety of hotels and resorts across full-service (lifestyle, collection, resort, urban, convention, airport) and select-service (extended-stay, urban, airport, suburban).

CMS clients included independent properties and branded hotels:


With the hospitality industry facing an unprecedented challenge, our team has set out to help by providing authentic, data-driven, revenue-focused marketing support. It’s our calling. And we’ve assembled a truly incredible team of subject matter experts to thoughtfully grow hotel and resort businesses.

President and Founder

Joseph Arends

Meet your instructors


Joseph Arends

President & Founder


  • 15 years of hospitality experience
  • Led over 125 hotels across 8 sub brands
  • Key focus: cross-functional strategies between Operations, Sales, and Revenue Management

An experienced marketer with more than 15 years of experience working in hospitality and food and beverage. Prior to Joe’s current role, he worked at Commercial Services Field Marketing for Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Having led over 125 hotels across eight different sub brands, Joe focused on building cross-functional strategies between Operations, Sales, and Revenue Management to drive digital revenue for the properties.

Joe is a certified digital marketer with the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). He currently volunteers as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for HSMAI’s Chicago Chapter.


Adam Duggins

Program Author


  • Hospitality executive with 20 years experience in driving revenue excellence across multiple brands
  • Cross-functional expertise in sales, revenue management, and marketing
  • Worked with over 200 new openings and acquisitions

A forward-thinking hospitality executive with over 20 years of driving top-line revenue excellence across multiple brands. The dedication and relentless pursuit of innovation and business optimization have driven Adam’s career across many brands and allowed him to develop cross-functional expertise in sales, revenue management, and marketing.

Most recently, Adam led a team responsible for revenue ramp-up at new, opening and acquired hotels for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. Having worked with over 200 new openings and acquisitions, this continues to be a specific area of passion. Before this, Adam led managed and franchise hotel regions ranging from 30 managed hotels to over 130 franchise hotels over six years.

Most of all, Adam is recognized for his passion for people and his commitment to their personal and professional development. He strives to guide, mentor, and empower others. Through this purpose, he creates sincere, long-lasting relationships and performance-driven organizations with dynamic and authentic, retentive cultures.

What You Will Learn


This program is designed to give you the tools and practical knowledge to lead through the crisis, exploit radical new reality, create competitive advantage and prepare for an uncertain future.

Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3

Optimizing Performance During an Economic Crisis

  1. Balancing Hotel Profitability and Revenue Optimization while Short-Staffed

    • True acquisition cost
  2. The Marketing Conundrum

    • Short-Staffed Workload Prioritization
    • If you have a budget / If you don’t have a budget or your budget was significantly reduced
    • Lower-Funnel Tactics to Capture In-Market Demand
    • Capitalizing on any and all current demand
    • Preparing to capture new and increasing demand as different groups return to travel
  3. Prioritizing the Most Important Activities

    • Being ahead of the curve
    • Consider the timing
    • Creative Marketing
    • Friendly Competition
    • Resilient Business Opportunities
  4. Other Important Concepts and Tasks to Complete during a Crisis

    • Case studies

      Additional materials:

      Zero-budget marketing tactics, tools and roadmaps


      Learn How

      to Lead a

      Hospitality Business Through Crisis and


      6 weeks

      May 23, 2023


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      Commonly Asked Questions

      I work full-time. Do I have time to take this course?
      We design programs for the busy, full-time hospitality professionals, but we also get that it can be tough to add yet another thing! One of our core features is flexibility: some students like to keep up day-to-day (expect to spend about 2-3 hours per sprint), others like to binge over a weekend.
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      You don’t! We record every live session with our professors and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience.
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      A major advantage of online learning is the flexibility it offers participants. Minor delays in participation are not a problem. Join the class activities as soon as you can as we will be happy to extend your access to the program.
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      Every student who completes their course receives a certificate of completion. Completing the course means watching all course content videos and completing the final project. You can print out the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile — and feel free to tag @Kordie when you share it.
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